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IKEA Furniture Assembly

Tudor Traslochi also offers delivery and assembly of IKEA furniture. The IKEA brand allows significant savings when purchasing new furniture if the assembly is done by the customers, but even simple tasks can become complicated. Therefore, we have decided to offer this service. We cater to both individuals and companies who need to transport and assemble some or even all of their home furniture purchased from IKEA, and who, due to a lack of time or simply lack of experience, cannot do it themselves.

Assembling IKEA furniture can be daunting as soon as you open the boxes and face an overwhelming amount of hardware.

For IKEA furniture such as wardrobes, living rooms, and especially kitchens, assembly requires great experience, professional equipment, and a lot of patience to ensure correct assembly and achieve the desired results.

IKEA Stores Served in Rome

Viale Donato Bramante

Casale Redicicoli, 501
00139 – Roma (RM)

Via Fattoria Rampa, 35
00173 – Roma (RM)

Viale G. B. Valente, 190
00177 – Roma (RM)

IKEA Furniture Assembly Service in Rome with Tudor Traslochi

Welcome to the page dedicated to the IKEA furniture assembly service offered by Tudor Traslochi in Rome. We are pleased to offer you a professional and reliable service to simplify the process of assembling IKEA furniture, allowing you to enjoy your purchases without the stress of assembly.

The Advantages of Our IKEA Furniture Assembly Service

**Experience and Expertise**: Our team of expert furniture assemblers has extensive experience in assembling IKEA furniture. They are thoroughly familiar with the assembly instructions and techniques required to ensure precise and quality results.
**Professional Tools and Equipment**: We have all the necessary tools and equipment for assembling IKEA furniture. We ensure the use of appropriate tools to guarantee the correct and safe assembly of your furniture.
**Time and Effort Saving**: Assembling IKEA furniture can be time-consuming and demanding. With our IKEA furniture assembly service, you can save time and energy, leaving the job in the hands of our professionals. We free you from the complication of assembly, allowing you to focus on other important activities.
**Precise and Reliable Assembly**: We understand how crucial accurate assembly is for the stability and functionality of IKEA furniture. Our team ensures that each part is correctly assembled, following the instructions and using tested assembly techniques.

IKEA Furniture Assembly Process

1. **Service Request**: You can contact us by phone or through the contact form on our website to request the IKEA furniture assembly service. Provide us with information about the furniture to be assembled and your preferred date for assembly.
2. **Personalized Quote**: Based on the provided information, we will give you a personalized quote for the IKEA furniture assembly service. The quote will include the total cost of the service, including materials and the estimated time for assembly.
3. **Booking and Confirmation**: Once the quote is accepted, we will confirm the booking of the IKEA furniture assembly service and agree on a date and time for the assembly.
4. **Furniture Assembly**: On the scheduled day, our team of experts will arrive at your address in Rome with all the necessary tools and equipment for assembly. They will assemble the furniture carefully following the assembly instructions and ensuring a high-quality result.
5. **Quality Control and Clean-Up**: After assembling the furniture, our team will conduct a quality check to ensure everything is correctly assembled and functioning. They will also clean up the workspace, leaving your home in perfect condition.

We look forward to serving you and making your IKEA furniture assembly experience as smooth and efficient as possible with Tudor Traslochi in Rome.